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Artist's Note

"All human beings go through a previous life... Who knows how many fleshly forms the heir of heaven occupies before he can be brought to understand the value of that silence and solitude of spiritual worlds?"

(by Honore Balzac)

WINDOWBLINDS: Eternal Orange by me (personal mod, original mac theme by susumu, not for release)
STYLER: Eternal Orange by me
SHELL: RISE Macish by Stefanka (modded by me)
OBJECTBAR: Eternal Orange by me
FIREFOX: Eternal Orange by me
ICONS: Ti Cons 3 by Xanthic + Silver Home by Xanthic (modded by me)
DOCK BG: Grey Scale by me
MIRANDA BG: Transparent Eternal by me
MIRANDA STATUS: Eternal Orange by me
WIDGETS: Minicontrols Milk by Jonas Rask + CD Covers Vinyl by CRNI (modded by me)
VLC: Eternal Orange by me
FONT: HandelGotDLig
MUSIC: Santana - Caravanserai

Comments (4)

abbaZaba says:

really flippin' obvious it's not a mac.

Fri, Oct 15th at 09:46pm (13 years ago)

wallpaper link pls :)

Sat, Oct 16th at 04:37am (13 years ago)
Newave says:

Many mac people ask me for my desks and It isn't easy to explain them that it's not a mac... so It's not so obvious... besides that is a famous sentence of A-S forum, I wrote it for that. BTW very unkind of you. Thanks for the comments to the rest. Wall Link:

Sat, Oct 16th at 05:05am (13 years ago)

It seems to need a little something more - not real sure what though. Where do you get these icons, though?

Sat, Oct 16th at 12:55pm (13 years ago)

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Created by Newave
on October 15th, 2004


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