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gentoo linux - fluxbox, torsmo, gimp, aterm

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He's still dead.

Sat, Sep 25th at 01:19am (13 years ago)

Standard fare fluxbox-centric shot. What I don't understand is why you would need items for three different terms in the root of your menu. Why not throw in gnome-terminal and rxvt and konsole while you're at it? prolific, I was gonna let it slide at first but I had to mention it once I noticed that you had linux shots dating back to mid '02. That's a long time to decide on a favorite term.

Sat, Sep 25th at 01:40am (13 years ago)

Dont hate cuz its tupac, this is still MADDD sweet lookin.

Sat, Sep 25th at 09:58am (13 years ago)
prolific says:

the menu isnt polished up yet ... im trying out all the diff terms and seeing which one i like the best

Sat, Sep 25th at 12:50pm (13 years ago)

the wall and font are hideous

Sun, Sep 26th at 09:56am (13 years ago)

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Created by prolific
on September 25th, 2004


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