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Artist's Note

Saw a sweet Milk theme for windows here, and got in the mood to do the same to my box. (Un)Fortunately I don't have windows but linux, so can't use all the fancy stuff that could've made it easier. Specially icon packages. damn those. Anyway, here's the info:

O.S.; Debian GNU/Linux
Desktop: Gnome
Window Manager: Metacity w/ Milk 2.0
Icons: Nuvola
Wall: On Returning (by Red Bottle and Imrik)
Firefox: Milk Safari (port by hills)
gDesklets: LTCandy

Maybe I missed something there. Feel free to comment/flame away!

Comments (4)


nice simple layout. the beef i have is the icons in the upper right... they kinda clash with the smooth design of everything else. but to redeem yourself you are from Toronto, and you do like Karsh Kale... so it all evens out.

Tue, Aug 3rd at 07:53pm (13 years ago)
munkay says:

haha. thx j3. i wish i could make those icons b/w but damned if i know how to do it in linux :(

code13: its not as simple as that at least for the ones on the tray on top. the desktop ones yea i can change easy. now to find some milk themed icons that i can use on linux ...

Tue, Aug 3rd at 08:27pm (13 years ago)

very nice, i like it a lot. it's so smooth, if you could change the icons in the right, your desktop will be perfect. good work.

Tue, Aug 3rd at 11:58pm (13 years ago)
code13 says:

You should be able to right click and change those icons...

Wed, Aug 4th at 11:03am (13 years ago)

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Created by munkay
on August 3rd, 2004


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