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Artist's Note


WINDOWS 2000 running:

Actual Windows on 100% transparency
Winamp 5.0 with a fitting playlist
Serious Samurize with .png background
Hacked dialogs from wint.virtualplastic and me
Miranda-IM hacked version
RAINMETER with a fitting skin

The | WS CAPTION | command was deleted on all open windows except the centered MP3 Folder. The .png covers the caption bar.

The folder Background is a photoshopped picture from a model with elements from THE EMBASSY VFX portofolio. respect to them.

HTML dropdown menu
The text is individual for every folder. right now iīve the INCOMING AUDIO folder open

dedication to the computerlovers community.


Comments (32)

bkdvrawk says:

looks really good, kinda reminds me of like a website layout

Sat, Feb 28th at 09:18am (13 years ago)
acoustick says:

I do like this because its simplistic, me, I love minimalism, no matter what it is, I love your room because its just a bed and wood floors.. pure DWELLMAG type.. This is cool and I think creative. It MIGHT not be as useable as most, but I still thing it deserves good attention! good job imrik! p.s. email me at - I might have a project you might be interested in.. (its easy)
First off, I like your style, some people think that small amounts of things isnt stylish, when I think its just something I want! I like your new stuff, simple is the best to work with.. Dont loose that style imrik, because minimalism is still there..!

Sat, Feb 28th at 09:36am (13 years ago)
hash says:

looks very functional. He obviously just set it up for a screenshot. As far as the screenshot goes I love the colors, the font, everything about it actually. Very smooth. [EDIT] Yah shocks, thank god for you starting that trend up again...or....well...yah...

Sat, Feb 28th at 09:43am (13 years ago)
liquidred says:

i like it but i expected you to do more, its not as crazy styleistic as your others.

Sat, Feb 28th at 09:46am (13 years ago)
Imrik says:

Youīre right mojomonkee. That depends on your needs. itīs what i use my pc for. itīs only another one of the endeless possibitlities for your place. acoustick: i appreciate your influence and your presence. the tutorial that was put on wintīs site has a good read. iīm watching you man. and you got the point that itīs creative. that operating system is pretty old now and i needed a challange. my new stuff will not impress you... sorry. eremite: i just stretched the names so theyīre not seen. of course you see their names there instead of the lines. Jujube: Hahahaha! Thank you. Great comment. DOKT I tried to contact you. I wrote you messages on the IMīs i have. Please... i want to excuse for my behaviour. LTD If you could read the sites written in my head in the last days you could understand whatīs going on there... i donīt know by myself. I am sorry for that and will share my work with you... of course i will. I will upload everything at my site the next week and upload my new wallpapers here. I already did so with one. And... donīt get that wrong. I did not outgrow. I thought i grew up. What should i say... i hate to throw out this "Sorry" again and again. I respect all your love very much and itīs the reason why i am what i am around here. Tenthousand roses for that. Really. Mojomonkee: Thank you very much. I use a intelli mouse with five buttons. And that is how it works. Thank you very very much. You did good with your comment and i hope you see my answer. I love this setup...

Sat, Feb 28th at 09:47am (13 years ago)

This looks pretty cool, i would uncheck the "draw a line by gourpnames" (or whatever) in Miranda tho...but thats just

Sat, Feb 28th at 10:11am (13 years ago)
shocks says:

i'll put it in better words, sweet screenshot imrik

Sat, Feb 28th at 10:20am (13 years ago)
sticboy says:

pretty original concept you got there, looks really nice. but not really my style, but you get major style pints.
"4o go go go!"

Sat, Feb 28th at 10:30am (13 years ago)

I think it looks really cool, but maybe not so usable.. (I mean, why have a playlist at all when only the song playing is shown?). Anyways.. nice to see you back Imrik!

Sat, Feb 28th at 11:12am (13 years ago)
ere.mite says:

doesnt really look usable to me. why have a buddy list if you cant see the names?

Sat, Feb 28th at 11:17am (13 years ago)
tehl3x says:

anything is functional for what you need it to be.
i still think this is one the most unique ss' ive seen
glad to see you submitting again

Sat, Feb 28th at 11:33am (13 years ago)

I had to scratch my head a few times to figure out what was going on here. Very minimal and stylish. It almost looks as if your desktop is a website. Very professional...only thing that clashes with me is the icons, they seem to thick..nice to see some submissions again.

Sat, Feb 28th at 12:31pm (13 years ago)

dark, unusual for you. it looks great, but I can't see how it works. this would be a great front end for a living room media player though.

Sat, Feb 28th at 01:16pm (13 years ago)
HeNNy says:

lol, shocks is so pathetically deluded that it's funny. :) Anyway, that's a pretty sexy screenshot, Imrik, but it doesn't seem to be too functional.

Sat, Feb 28th at 02:41pm (13 years ago)
Dokt says:

"Imrik in screenshot media storm" ... to paraphrase what pretty much everyone else has said, this is a classic case of style over function. If it was never intended to be 'used' in the traditional sense and is merely a demonstration of your customising prowess, then ignore me ...

Sat, Feb 28th at 04:52pm (13 years ago)

Nice hacking work. for some reason it reminds me of shinter. It's great to see you on here again, and breaking out with more and more tech in your work.

As for all you funcionality police, if you followed Imrik's work, you'd know he does most navigation through keyboard, so he doesn't need all the buttons there...

Sat, Feb 28th at 06:55pm (13 years ago)

I thought you took your stuff and left? ... doesn't look very functional at all. It looks cool, but looks aren't everything. I think you're getting these ratings because of who you are instead of the screenshot, but oh well. I repeat LTD's comments

Sat, Feb 28th at 06:56pm (13 years ago)
rkenshin says:

Kudos to the genious who didn't end the bold tag properly. I bet having 100% transparency really bogs down your system, and like Mojo said, it almost looks like if you move something, it will break. Don't get me wrong, it looks fantastic. But .... Jujube, you dork, your comment probably got deleted since you apparently can't use HTML tags correctly and caused everyone to be in "bold".

Sat, Feb 28th at 06:58pm (13 years ago)
organic says:

wow! pretty awesome! i love the mix between morbid/vivid colours the icons etc
everything fits so well ,, gj on that custo

Sat, Feb 28th at 07:26pm (13 years ago)


Sat, Feb 28th at 09:53pm (13 years ago)

nice SS. love the colors

Sat, Feb 28th at 11:36pm (13 years ago)
MaddDadd says:

LOL, welcome back Imrik, it looks good

Sat, Feb 28th at 11:46pm (13 years ago)
jujube says:

What? My original comment got deleted? even thought it's a positive one?

well... forget all that ... repeat myself:

This got it all!!!
It's individual, fashionable, functional, simple but why didn't I thought about this (OK. I lie on this, alot of us have though about and try to do something like this, but few is this good.), readable(hear that?! I said readable), "lite", and all wrapped in a toasty, flavorful high-class color scheme.

>_ < /i> (uh this broad treats every quote symbol as a html tag when even when it's not being use as one)

Sun, Feb 29th at 12:10am (13 years ago)
Aero says:

neat idea with the winamp playlist. overall i enjoy this ss....good stuff imrik

Sun, Feb 29th at 12:22am (13 years ago)
felix says:

i wish i could do shit like that.

Sun, Feb 29th at 12:42am (13 years ago)
MaRZ says:

whoa imriks back. pretty cool desktop man. i'm not a green lover but it looks pretty nice -edt- for some unknown reason i keep finding myself clicking this link again and again...-edt.-where'd you find their portfolio ?!

Sun, Feb 29th at 12:51pm (13 years ago)
LTD says:

Cool desktop! Nice dark theme - big on looks, for sure. BUT, I THOUGHT YOU LEFT . . . . . nice to see you, obviously, but why are you here? You basically, in a gentle enough manner, told us all that you've um . . . "outgrown" customize.org, and you also took all of your stuff, thereby precluding anyone from using it. Fair enough, your choice. But after moving on the way you did (lots of DRAMA), kissing us all goodbye, very abruptly I might add, you show up with a screenshot. It's nice, but I get this impression "Sorry guys, I'm over all of you, and I won't hang around, either, but here's a screenshot, so I'll return for admiration/praise/worship."

Your skills are NOT in question. They are supreme. Your behaviour, however, is.

I was and still am, a big fan of yours. I just find your behaviour puzzling, especially after all the love and support this community gave you.

Sun, Feb 29th at 01:37pm (13 years ago)
fate0000 says:

This dtop reminds me of one of those concept cars you see at the international auto show. Dig the style, but I wonder how it runs. Nice to see you around. Still waiting for that VS.

Sun, Feb 29th at 09:51pm (13 years ago)
Sybex says:

what font is that?

Sun, Apr 4th at 08:33am (13 years ago)
-carnage- says:

why was this never featured?

Mon, Jan 9th at 01:24am (11 years ago)
qoa says:

Nice to see somebody use resource hacking in a non gawdy way. Props for using windows 2k as well.

Thu, Jan 19th at 03:55am (11 years ago)

yeh this was one of the better win2k shots that were ever made

Tue, Jul 17th at 11:17am (10 years ago)

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on February 28th, 2004


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