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Artist's Note

// Background
Well I've always wanted to try my hand at a wall of this color, and when it became featured I figured it was my perfect chance, codemonkey got his in before me, but I'm sure that you will all rate this according to my effort. I know it's not original because other people have tried it but what can I say :P.

// Wallpaper - Startropics
// Litestep - iSeeStars by me
Tools Used: Paint, Dotcolor
// 3dcc - by me
// Winamp - Colour it In by frozenchrome, re-coloured by me
// AIM - Reshacked by me
// mIRC - Slightly reshacked by me
// Hacked marlett.ttf as always

Thanks for checkin' it out, and I'd appreciate a rating.

Comments (6)


Looking sexy there. The clock does seem a little out of place, but that's a minor issue. Matches well and looks sexy :D

Wed, Sep 17th at 09:47pm (12 years ago)
shocks says:

looks nice and all, but 1 it just got unorginal, and it's kinda like just colored in, nothing really special done here imo.

Wed, Sep 17th at 09:50pm (12 years ago)
chip1270 says:

cool. i know poison the well. the screenshot is the oldschool stylin.

Thu, Sep 18th at 12:15am (12 years ago)
co1e says:

problem, i'm already getting tired of this setup :: font is kroeger

Thu, Sep 18th at 09:44am (12 years ago)
Plex says:

What pixel font is that ?

Thu, Sep 18th at 10:18am (12 years ago)

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Created by co1e
on September 17th, 2003


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