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Artist's Note

your friendly neighborhood litestepper here with another screenshot.

composed in mspaint by me using images from

visual style:
Classix10K 2.0 by gigatexel from

Classix10K Ergonomic by egalitarian (composed of work by gigatexel, bant, and saintdark)

complete system32 reshacked set by me using the bluecurve icon set (redhat's default icon scheme)

icons made by me from the Classix10K visual style in microangelo.

made by me in mspaint and notepad. based entirely upon the Classix10K visual style. all three elements are draggable and save states on recycle.

that's about it.... hope you liked it and have a nice day! shouts to my peeps in #customize. tab i love you.

Comments (12)

wreth says:

nice, everything matches, lookin smooth!

Tue, Sep 9th at 08:13am (14 years ago)

Awesome! Like wreth, said everything matches nicely and the colors are great. Nice work!

Tue, Sep 9th at 08:28am (14 years ago)
BlackIce says:

(uh...excuse the offtopic) i can't actually reply on AIM atm...it's somewhat annoying.

but thanks for...the...thanks, you know what i mean. it's nice to know i made a difference to someone. :D

gah...silly comment update thingy...
i still think this rocks, btw :\

Tue, Sep 9th at 08:54am (14 years ago)
abringino says:

where do you get the ideas? damn

Tue, Sep 9th at 09:27am (14 years ago)
liquidred says:

nice one yo.

Tue, Sep 9th at 11:05am (14 years ago)

sooo smooth.

Tue, Sep 9th at 11:37am (14 years ago)

Nice of use of Thursday song/album as title.. also a nice use of everything else. This is very molestable, where did you get the wall?

Tue, Sep 9th at 02:15pm (14 years ago)

i remember there was a wp here that looked a lot like this one, with an airplane and everything except there was a girl. anybody remember that one?

Tue, Sep 9th at 07:06pm (14 years ago)
shocks says:


Tue, Sep 9th at 07:08pm (14 years ago)
MaRZ says:

nice setup guy...plus i've got agree its smooth

Tue, Sep 9th at 09:03pm (14 years ago)
qwertz says:

very nice. mojo you are the king. Swap brains now?

Wed, Jan 7th at 05:35am (14 years ago)

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Created by mojomonkee
on September 9th, 2003


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