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Artist's Note

Some new, some old, but my current. Enjoying this color scheme as I always do, and this wall just pleases me to no end. I spend alot of time debating on how to go about picking up the blue color of her dress too, and ended up making my Selected Items text color the same blue as her dress, which, I like, think it looks fine, though it might not look as it should, but it works, so don't bash me to bad on that! hehe :) I would have picked up the blue with the window titlebars, but I hate that, always have, only because it makes the window borders stick out so much, though it looks nice evertime I see it, just can't do it myself though, just kills me :)

Anyway, alot of the same, some new, as always. Recolored my usual skins again, being Serentiy Remix by FrostedFlames for Winamp, Atuira for Colorpad, same as last, and the original default PKLauncher skin by PK, the old original should I say. Wall is from DesignChapel.com

Re-did some of the dialogs/menus this time, added a "hacked" notepad in there as well (thanks to eremite for the inspirartion on that) There's only so much one can do to notepad, but I did all I could :)

Other then that, just my usual, current desktop shot. Hope ya like :)

Comments (10)

leedogg says:

Nice I like this. Where can i find the wall?

Fri, Sep 5th at 04:24am (14 years ago)
WinT says:

thanks guys :) wall is at ( I think that's the right URL) :) Yeah, I had alot of trouble on the blue/purple colors. I tried a few different ways of implementing them both,but they came out SO strong that it was almost TOO much, so I took the most subtle approach I could think of, might not have been the best choice for the screenshot, but for usage purposes, it works great :)

Fri, Sep 5th at 04:29am (14 years ago)
MaddDadd says:

thats awesome WinT. the best colors ive seen in a while. great work as always.

Fri, Sep 5th at 07:56am (14 years ago)
merkurixx says:

i love you WinT. everything here just FITS. i think, however, that if you implemented some of the purple from her coat into the shell, this ss would feel even tighter and more coherent.

Fri, Sep 5th at 07:56am (14 years ago)
ere.mite says:

agreeing with merk about the purple and oh shit, that calc mod is tight. im in your depresivo buddy list group?? ='^[ whyyyy wintie!? whyyyyy??

Fri, Sep 5th at 09:38am (14 years ago)

Mr. WinT pities the fool who don't like his screenshot. gg

Fri, Sep 5th at 11:41am (14 years ago)

You work for MS, don't you? This is *too* good.. hrmm...

Fri, Sep 5th at 12:31pm (14 years ago)
bean-inc says:

its just awesome how u customize your dtop ... awesome

Fri, Sep 5th at 12:53pm (14 years ago)
shocks says:

yummy taste of color :D

Fri, Sep 5th at 02:59pm (14 years ago)

same great work as always

Fri, Sep 5th at 07:09pm (14 years ago)

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Created by WinT
on September 5th, 2003


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