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Artist's Note

"originality is dead. everything is based off of something"

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wallpaper: "The lighter side of dark " -overworked

if you want to know anything please ask.
i am just to lazy.


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Sat, Sep 25th at 02:54am (12 years ago)
senex says:

you know my opinion. greyscale with a good accenting to it. good look and minimalistic. I'd be interested in a similar setup if I still had a taskbar :) I love the blending

Tue, Aug 5th at 03:52am (14 years ago)
ellert_dk says:

This is great! Totally independent ... or something?! I love it, Imrik! Great Work!

Tue, Aug 5th at 07:13am (14 years ago)
meccax5 says:

great job

Tue, Aug 5th at 09:06am (14 years ago)

i love everything on this... execpt for the pink....

Tue, Aug 5th at 10:13am (14 years ago)

cool. i want a clock tattoed onto my face too

Tue, Aug 5th at 10:20am (14 years ago)
ere.mite says:

pretty nice. i think you should put something pink on the wall though, that would sortve throw everything in synch. perhaps some kind of design behind the lady friend.

Tue, Aug 5th at 10:27am (14 years ago)
whistl3r says:

u know my opinion about it :D
>>> coole mule!
hmm, i think pink will be overused if it would be added to the wall either but some design, some shapes and lines or something would kill the emptyness a bit

Tue, Aug 5th at 11:03am (14 years ago)
nx says:

yea, some lines of pink would be cool.

Tue, Aug 5th at 11:20am (14 years ago)
RaCeR says:

very, very nice. i love the way the taskbar blends in. keep the pink, i like it

Tue, Aug 5th at 11:21am (14 years ago)
shocks says:

yes imrik , great stuff and great idea, great show more, this just isn't enough to make me think, he did something awsome, which i know you can do. :) update much better, but i think many of you people go to bright on the windows, it blends in the wall and then your like were is my window ;)

Tue, Aug 5th at 12:56pm (14 years ago)

I like how you added the bright pink to give it some color.... but this isnt one of my favorites

Tue, Aug 5th at 01:24pm (14 years ago)
prototype says:

GOO-JOB!!!! ^.^ i like taskbar!

Tue, Aug 5th at 02:34pm (14 years ago)


Tue, Aug 5th at 02:35pm (14 years ago)
c h c says:

Very nice Imrik, but why can't you show the stuff in the dl in the large view? Would make it easier for those who are too lazy to take that extra click

Tue, Aug 5th at 02:47pm (14 years ago)
helloboy says:


Tue, Aug 5th at 04:50pm (14 years ago)

pinky.... very neat and pink ^^ it's nice to see something new other than the very basic white or green or blue^^ umm just wondering, did u use regedit 2 custo rightclick???

Tue, Aug 5th at 05:33pm (14 years ago)

please release the winamp. if you do, you are my hero.

Tue, Aug 5th at 06:58pm (14 years ago)
axii says:

=) thank you, imrik.

Tue, Aug 5th at 09:07pm (14 years ago)
bsting says:

LOVE it!

Wed, Aug 6th at 12:22am (14 years ago)
Imrik says:

axii. That was one of the biggest sentences i heard since one person left me. You really impress me a lot. And i mean it serious this time. Thank you, axii. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FEEDBACK!!! I am glad people like the pink ;) I am very fine with it. And PhilipStyle. If you send me an e-mail iŽll reply it with the winamp skin. Thanks again

Wed, Aug 6th at 01:22am (14 years ago)
gunk says:

man, that's really kicking rad. could you put up a 'tutorial' on how to customize your desktop that way?

Thu, Aug 7th at 06:08am (14 years ago)
heroin says:

i think a little red would hav worked better than pink. but still quite nice.

Wed, Aug 13th at 07:15pm (14 years ago)
dc_ob says:


Tue, Aug 19th at 05:16am (14 years ago)

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Created by Imrik
on August 5th, 2003


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