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Artist's Note

wallpaper: indy art vector by american2k
winamp: by me
3dcc: by me
icons: by me
edensoft: by me
launchtab: by me
right click: by me

miranda, tclock2, myLogo, systeminfo hack.

Thanks to LTD, axii, Senex, WinT, hash. I love you guys!

bye boys and girls

Comments (10)

WinT says:

I'm not the biggest fan of those colors and that wall together, but that's just me. I am however starting to see a "style" develope here, one that's all your own. Sort of boxy, jagged sort of thing, and me likes it :) Good work as always Imrik :: Notice no C! lol

Wed, Jul 23rd at 03:30am (14 years ago)
hermik says:

this looks, well, weird. your icons seem to be a little unsymetric, was that intended?

Wed, Jul 23rd at 03:32am (14 years ago)
shocks says:

i'm with hermik update the winamp skin looks fairly good, i think it's worth a submit, but add the min, max close buttons. cuz i hate it when on the winamp skins they don't have them, cuz they are small and you can never find them.

Wed, Jul 23rd at 10:43am (14 years ago)

im so confused. yet so horny.

Wed, Jul 23rd at 10:46am (14 years ago)
sticboy says:


Wed, Jul 23rd at 04:43pm (14 years ago)
senex says:

*ahem* it's senex :P nice job. you already know my opinion :) good work man

Wed, Jul 23rd at 05:23pm (14 years ago)
asad says:

Like a monitor inside another.

Wed, Jul 23rd at 07:20pm (14 years ago)

It looks good, but Im not as fond of it as everyone else seems to be. I like that winamp a lot though. Imrik: yes!!! yes!!! yes!!!

Thu, Jul 24th at 02:06am (14 years ago)
Imrik says:

should i submit the winamp skin? Hey WinT !! Thanks a lot. I noticed the c. You learn fast ;) give me three "yes!!!" and i will submit the winamp skin

Thu, Jul 24th at 07:26am (14 years ago)
helloboy says:

sweet. where oh where did u get that wp? cant find it.

Sun, Jul 27th at 12:51pm (13 years ago)

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Created by Imrik
on July 23rd, 2003


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