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Artist's Note

There is a glimpse of my system. Not much to say. WP from Deviant.

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Well, the start button is a teeny bit too big, the clock font is goofy, and the wallpaper really doesn't match at all. With a wall that matched better, this has a shot at being good :D

Sat, Jul 5th at 11:57pm (14 years ago)
shocks says:

doesn't match at all.. read what antimatter wrote :)

Sun, Jul 6th at 12:36am (14 years ago)
sticboy says:

heh.. not bad... where did you get that pic from.. i saw on some guys portfolio/sketch site before.. but i lost the link... think you can post it?

Sun, Jul 6th at 01:56am (14 years ago)
RaCeR says:

its kinda good, the wall is a little trendy but still a goody, using flash colors like yellow is kinda neat and original, the icons are the only thing i would change. they dont really go

Sun, Jul 6th at 03:12am (14 years ago)
whistl3r says:

yes exactly, details on winamp pls

Sun, Jul 6th at 05:07am (14 years ago)
HH4EveR says:

Oh Sh*t i would like this color in my desktop theme. Really Good work

Sun, Jul 6th at 06:59am (14 years ago)
abringino says:


nagmamagaling nanaman tong mga to!
mga ulol!

Sun, Jul 6th at 07:56am (14 years ago)
_long says:

sticboy_. He's a concept sketch artists. You should see his tutorial about how he does stuff. He starts off with a sketch in marker instead of pencil.

Sun, Jul 6th at 08:11am (14 years ago)
TeckWolf says:

The WinAmp skin is a modification of Imrik's most excellent Cappucino and Macchiatto. Abringino - tong mga to! Got the wall from DeviantArt

Grey, black, and yellow. It all matches far as I can tell.

Sun, Jul 6th at 01:17pm (14 years ago)
hash says:

this is a joke right? Nothing matches, its just..shitty

Mon, Jul 7th at 03:58pm (14 years ago)

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Created by TeckWolf
on July 5th, 2003


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