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this is my desktop i dont use any program like windows blinds or stylexp
all files its hacked with ResHacker and installed by default from my Ripped windows Xp Cd :)

Comments (10)

LTD says:

It's actually pretty good. Is the Plex? can you give us some details? What are those icons in the toolbar? Brights? Looks like you have some FOOODS icons, too. Nice and blue, smooth, and the toolbar on the side isn't bad at all. Everything matches nicely, too.

Mon, Jun 23rd at 07:22pm (14 years ago)
prototype says:

nice "E" net xplorer mod but it's a bit cut off at the bottom.. I know it wont fit so try to shrink the E. Other than that, i like the site you're going to or just went to. :]

Mon, Jun 23rd at 07:29pm (14 years ago)

haha 800mhz p3...nice screenshot :) haha mojo im no idit

Mon, Jun 23rd at 07:42pm (14 years ago)
hermes says:

not feelin it..nothin matches

Mon, Jun 23rd at 08:26pm (14 years ago)

That is pretty good man, keeping the windows style but making it better.. Good

Mon, Jun 23rd at 08:48pm (14 years ago)
PeteCee says:

Installed straight off the disc like that? If so, damn nice hacking. Looks well.

Mon, Jun 23rd at 09:21pm (14 years ago)

lol... what will you do when you get tired of this theme T_T btw, how do u get the address bar on the taskbar?

Tue, Jun 24th at 02:39pm (14 years ago)
unchi says:

i dont get it.

Wed, Jun 25th at 12:48am (14 years ago)
fasmatik says:

All Skin are made by hacked dll with ResHacker lot of time but good then i replase all original dll with hacked in windows xp cd when i reformated my pc and install windows all this stuff installed by default......

Wed, Jun 25th at 03:13am (14 years ago)
falanga says:

Cool..... LOL

Thu, Jun 26th at 01:58pm (14 years ago)

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Created by fasmatik
on June 23rd, 2003


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