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Artist's Note

Ladies (so i realized we have some)
and Gentelemen,

I thank LTD for the help that comes to late. Sorry.. but i have to.

All right. The HTML thing first. It isnt really. I synchronized parts of the wunderful website with my self-made background. So.. i can go to links in the blue parts.

About that... now we can go to the normal:

Icons: Still BlockOS ChaNinja Remix
Winamp: By me
Samurize: By me
Edensoft: By me
TClcok2: By me
IExplorer icon hacked out.
Start Panel (thanks to WinT for the #) mod
And finally a custoed miranda IM with simple icons. And don�t wonder.. i opened the start panel with ctrl+esc so.. i can click the right click menu and the start-panel at once.

That was my turn, now it is yours


--> comments are welcome

Comments (23)

monowaste says:

I love AustralianInFront and that you have made a skin based on that website is smashing! I will install it right away!

-10 is for the lack of wallpaper ;)

Tue, Jun 17th at 03:41am (14 years ago)
WinT says:

Looking really nice here Imrik. Nice "synchronization" work with the HTML, great colors too. A little much going on in the center (just for my taste only), but overall, a great shot. Good work as always sir :)

Tue, Jun 17th at 03:43am (14 years ago)
DarkFong says:

Nice job, mate...care to share? I would love to use your stuff...

Tue, Jun 17th at 04:07am (14 years ago)
shocks says:

well it looks nice !! but do you really use that html website thats on your desktop or is it just for show. and you might wanna center the start button icon :) update hay i just looked at the screen again, and found out the one of my screenshots is in your browser. hahaha

Tue, Jun 17th at 06:37am (14 years ago)
Imrik says:

Shocks: It is more like you say. I don´t really use it. One or two times a day to look up the links from there .. but that´s it. More to learn and to improve. AND i don´t center the start button :P *looks up* Thanks god for the rating above!! And also your great comments.. thanks ! The Skins will never be released. The only thing i can share is the winamp. I can send it to you DarkFong. If you want to? ere.mite. EEEEEEEEEH ?! What are you talking about. That is my clock over the title. heroin: Strange name you have. But you´re right. I try so many modifications. And my primary language is german. I try to make a better job in speaking english by learning it where i can. It is still a german windows. but i replaced the shell. They´re mostly english.

Tue, Jun 17th at 09:22am (14 years ago)
ParTKiD says:

Nice colors.. perfect for the summer time ands easy on the eyes.

Tue, Jun 17th at 09:51am (14 years ago)

i fucking hate you imrik, your way to good.

Tue, Jun 17th at 10:04am (14 years ago)
joerodZ3 says:


Tue, Jun 17th at 10:12am (14 years ago)
parakeet says:

send me winamp too =D

Tue, Jun 17th at 12:06pm (14 years ago)

*sniff..sniff* featured?

Tue, Jun 17th at 12:50pm (14 years ago)
ere.mite says:

the song youre playing is at 4:20. you fucking pot head. this looks sweet, but is a little too 'busy' looking.

Tue, Jun 17th at 03:10pm (14 years ago)
LTD says:

Simply BEAUTIFUL, Imrik!! Hehe, you don't need me. You're doing just fine by yourself. Trust me. Superb work.
RELEASE the skins you made for this. PLEASE RELEASE THEM!!

Tue, Jun 17th at 03:47pm (14 years ago)
heroin says:

imrik, im assuming that english isn't your first language? so why is your desktop in english? couldn't you be more functional in your native language? great desk btw.

Tue, Jun 17th at 05:54pm (14 years ago)

rockin desktop but i have to agree with shocks..

Tue, Jun 17th at 07:03pm (14 years ago)
midrash says:


Tue, Jun 17th at 08:14pm (14 years ago)
bsting says:

wonderful :)

Wed, Jun 18th at 12:24am (14 years ago)
fate0000 says:

I like the color scheme you got going on. The only thing that really bothers me is that little blue strip on your icons; it clashes I think. As far as the setup goes, everything looks great, but now take the eye of yours and put some function behind it and maybe make your own, practical interface =) . Nice job.

Wed, Jun 18th at 12:26am (14 years ago)
whistl3r says:

like i said, we still have to discuss this dtop intensively! damn great work

Thu, Jun 19th at 02:57am (14 years ago)
abringino says:

peel my banana

Thu, Jun 19th at 08:38am (14 years ago)
mZtriZ says:


Thu, Jun 16th at 06:40pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

heh... i love to be able to feature stuff that i allways felt that should be on the spotlight.

Tue, Mar 21st at 01:02pm (11 years ago)
syretrip says:

aaah like that. smart.
and wtf is nude dimensions ? xD

Tue, Mar 21st at 02:53pm (11 years ago)
extremist says:

Wonderful... I want that nude dimensions part! :D

Wed, Mar 22nd at 01:57pm (11 years ago)

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