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Artist's Note

I decided to post this desktop up in an effort to show you all what can be done with Reshacker, and also to update, and advertise what is available at my site - . Anything you see on this screenshot as far as the mods go, that you may like and be interested in doing, has it's own tutorial with complete, detailed instructions on how to go about doing it. I've added lots of new tutorials at the site, alot of which I meant to do a while back, and some that I simply forgot about.

Now, I want to make clear that I did NOT post this screenshot in hopes of getting high ratings, and loads of wonderful comments. I'm sure that alot of you know how to do some of these mods, and some of you may know how to do all of them, and if so, that's great. All I'm trying to do here is spread the word, and give people more options for customization, resulting in what I think could be some great screenshots, and this site is extremely popular, with lots of members, so it makes for a great place to display something like this. If only one individual looks at this screenshot and is inspired by it, then I'm happy. I know this type of customization is not for everyone, and I certainly don't expect it to be.

I also realize that the use of Asian girls as walls has become terribly unpopular here, especially the girl which is on my desktop, and in my dialogs, Ayumi Hamasaki. I happen to like Asian girls very much, as I find them to be extremely beautiful, and I think they make for a great desktop theme overall, and further more, I refuse to change my wall, and all of these dialog bitmaps to something that I don't like just to fit a trend, or seperate myself from one. I say that with no offensive nature intended, but it's true :) I know there's alot of her floating around in this screenshot, but I literally crammed all of the mods into one shot, so she's everywhere at the moment :) So, before I list everything out, I just want to make it clear that to rate this shot with a 1, or to bash it with harsh words will be a waste of time for anyone wishing to do so. My intentions here are friendly. I'm not trying to be cocky, nor am I competing with anyone, for anything, I'm just trying to help out, and give you guys some new options. Ok, now to the list (I apologize for the long comments here)

Winamp: LemonFactoryWhite by FrostedFlames ( I had to at least stick a skinned app in here )
Icons: Signs set - Made by qoa from Virtual Plastic
Wall and all other images: Ayumi Hamasaki
Running Tclock 2 - Latest Release - Providing Taskbar modification, and SysTray stats

Hacked Run box - Everything
renamed/resized/controls flattened/added bitmap

Hacked Open/Save box - Everything renamed/resized/controls flattened/added bitmap

Hacked Taskbar Properties box - Controls flattened/renamed/added bitmap (box can't resize)

Hacked Desktop Context Menu - Added personalized text/used MFS_HILITE style to apply the color/removed the NEW menu and the Properties menuitem,(The text and color mod I've seen here before being done by Shocks)

Added the explorer icon views, all 4 of them to the desktop context menu being Large, Small, List, and Details

Hacked Start Menu - Added personalized text, using the HILITE style again for color/removed all unwanted items, and combined the remaining items into the "Functions" menu. The "Applications" menu of course being the default Programs menu.

Hacked IE/Win Explorer toolbar menus - Removed all unused entries, combined all remaining menus into one pull down menu, seperated into 4 submenus, used the MENUBREAK style to make the pull down menu vertical, versus horizontal, used the CHECKED and RADIOCHECK styles to place the "dot" by the submenu titles, and if you mod your marlett font, you can change this dot to something alot nicer

IE Address bar and Links bar text removed. Links bar is actually displaying the contents of my Favorites folder, and this is a really nice setup, or at least I like it :)

Hacked my Marlett.ttf font which you can see the results of that by looking at the window caption buttons, scrollbar arrow buttons, and inside of all the menus.

Ok, I think that's it. I know that this was long, extremely long, and I apologize, but wanted to list everything out as detailed as possible. I'm sure someone wants to comment just on the fact of how long my comments were, but once again, I apologize, but felt the need to type all of this. I hope you all like what you see, and hope you'll visit the site sometime. And, if for any reason, any of you need any help with any of these mods, feel free to email me, or leave a comment at my site.

*WinT now runs and hides

Comments (23)


cool screenshot but you could have put the info about the mods in the news section. When it's posted in the news section more people will see it and go to the site in hopes of educating themselves and be successful in re creating these things

Thu, Apr 10th at 02:27pm (14 years ago)
WinT says:

Thanks so much everyone, really, you've all made my day. I see that some inspiration has occured, and that was my goal entirely. I must admit, the great comments and high ratings I certainly was not expecting, but I do graciously accept them :) Makes it all worth while. Thanks so much again, and Max, thanks for the tip about posting in the news section, and I would have done that, but didn't know if this counted as news or not. Sorry if the comments were too long, and hope it didn't cause any problems. *Edit - I forgot to mention, and thought I should, that I'm on Windows 98, running the standard explorer shell. Use Displayset and 3DCC for my color schemes, Tclock 2, and the rest I do with Reshacker, and for the marlett font, I use FCP 3. *Edit again - Forgot to say that the pic in the desktop context menu is provided by a shell extension made by Byblos from VP, but I'm sure most of you knew that as that extensions been used alot, and around for a while :) *Edit - Well, the shot is now at the end of the list, and it's the end of the day. I really feel as if my goal here was accomplished 10 times over, and I thank all of you, everyone who left a comment/rating, it's very appreciated. Thank you all very much.

Thu, Apr 10th at 08:35am (14 years ago)

how the..what the...now thats awesome...im buying you a pizza.

Thu, Apr 10th at 08:38am (14 years ago)

Really like the custo style and everything works fine in all, Ayu is a nice girl, and i can see ayuS in there lolll...

Thu, Apr 10th at 08:53am (14 years ago)
Imayan says:

WinnT you are a liar :) You act as you don't care about rating but we all know that you do hehehe ! You put so much work on it that a 20 rating could make you sad a little right ? But don't worry, people who know what customization is, can't give you less than a perfect rating ! Awesome job and hope that it will inspire many people !

Thu, Apr 10th at 08:57am (14 years ago)

F**K! WinT, I think you need to sort yourself out a bigger monitor. That is crammed with *ahem" custo. It pretty much is your whole site, and more all in one screen. Nice work mister!

Thu, Apr 10th at 09:07am (14 years ago)
dc_ob says:

whoa, thats hardcore... im so inspired to make a new dtop using your style. THANK YOU

Thu, Apr 10th at 09:20am (14 years ago)
daemonkao says:

::goes to site::
::starts hacking::
::destroys windows::
hacker newb talk: NiCe @$$ SiTe Y0.

Thu, Apr 10th at 10:01am (14 years ago)
Snowman says:

I see you're Japanese chick fetish has found it's way to Custo.... and has been accepted too.... ;) ;)

Nice tweaking buddy! (BUT... you already knew that)

Thu, Apr 10th at 11:30am (14 years ago)

despite the fact imho asian girls are ugly, this is still ubercoo :D. it's also coo that you to followed vaht you like vehn you created this...well done...everything matches perfectly, great mods...*update* rawr moot...

Thu, Apr 10th at 12:35pm (14 years ago)
Yocke says:

Nice work, but that girl is creepy! She looks like a realdoll.

Thu, Apr 10th at 01:03pm (14 years ago)

m...mm ayumi hamasaki .... i love her

Thu, Apr 10th at 02:01pm (14 years ago)
shocks says:

80 for looks, 100 for custo.. which is a perfect score which you deserve.. :)

Thu, Apr 10th at 02:45pm (14 years ago)
aka tokio says:

blah blah ; plus i dont have windows on my computer. so all i see is yada yada cute gall what the hell is this =d

Thu, Apr 10th at 03:41pm (14 years ago)

very nice.. all around edit job... but it leaves me feeling obsessed lol

Thu, Apr 10th at 03:51pm (14 years ago)
kurupt908 says:

thats the longest comment by a submitter i ever seen. muhahahaa

Thu, Apr 10th at 05:46pm (14 years ago)
L3VI says:

I now label u "elite"

Thu, Apr 10th at 05:59pm (14 years ago)
honam_gwj says:

its the shit

Thu, Apr 10th at 10:24pm (14 years ago)
HeNNy says:

one word: amazing.

@ Karah Issaan: we dont need your opinion on anything but the submission. the only way the girl should have come up was if she took away from the overall quality of the screenshot.

Thu, Apr 10th at 10:25pm (14 years ago)

Long designer notes,but just looking at the screenshot payed off all the reading. :D Really nice job.:)

Thu, Apr 10th at 11:09pm (14 years ago)
djbkxr says:

bad Karah Issaan, thats a bad Karah Issaan!!

Fri, Apr 11th at 12:36am (14 years ago)

ayumania! I think this deserves a featured (if it hasn't already)

Mon, Apr 14th at 09:39pm (14 years ago)

probably one of the all time classics

Fri, Mar 16th at 11:31am (10 years ago)

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