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Artist's Note

I ported KoL's Smooth Stripes Gloss Visual Style to LiteStep. It's still a work in progress because the tasks are giving me a little bit of a problem. Winamp skin is SmoothStripes Gloss, also by KoL. Wallpaper is from the URL on the wallpaper, itself. I just recolored it to make the devil a darker red. Desktop stats by CoolMon, Samurize, and Rainlendar.
I think that's it. Please, leave comments and give me your suggestions.


LTD says:

Looks fine, except for the devil in the middle. It clashes somethin' serious, and it takes far too much away from the rest of the theme. You have what appears to be a kind of grungy style going on, and the cartoony devil head doesn't quite fit. Desktop stats look good, including the winamp - nice blend. The VS is a cool choice - it's adequate, but doesn;t quite suit the rest of the theme. No big deal, though. The LS theme itself is alright - looks pretty functional so far.

BTW, did you need to get KoL's permission to port this theme to LiteStep?


Sorry intoomuch, I mean the LS theme - its just that whenever I hear of smoothstripes I automatically think of a visual style. My bad. :-) It is a theme in progress, so resubmit it when its done :-)

Fri, Mar 14th at 10:08am (14 years ago)
imtoomuch says:

LTD: "The VS is a cool choice - it's adequate, but doesn;t quite suit the rest of the theme."? There is NO VS showing in that screenshot so I don't know how you could say it doesn't "quite suit the rest of the theme." I think you are confusing the LS theme with a VS.

Also, I did not get KoL's permission because I don't need it. I did not, and will not release this LiteStep theme.

Thanks for the comments and I agree that the wallpaper doesn't really fit, but I like it and couldn't find one that matched the theme any better.

Fri, Mar 14th at 10:48am (14 years ago)

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Created by imtoomuch
on March 14th, 2003


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