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Artist's Note

using maya alot i needed to make my system extermly productive at the same looking alright

late nights with maya :)



I couldn't have someone's face on my desktop... no matter how cute she is ;)

Thu, Feb 20th at 06:21am (15 years ago)
LTD says:

It's okay. This belongs on a bus station billboard, not on a desktop. Its usability factor is in the basement, and it is not very themable. Sure its cute, but its more of an example of photography than a dsektop. The images to the left are cool, but this doesn't really cut it.

Thu, Feb 20th at 10:59am (15 years ago)
crypto101 says:

well i like it. being a photog myself, i say, nice its nice. its a cool picture (did you take it). but you should have worked it in better; it looks weird with the cut off arms. damn, i wish i had 2 monitors.

Thu, Feb 20th at 04:31pm (15 years ago)

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Created by Heart-Tripper
on February 19th, 2003


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