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Screenshots / canadian daze feb.11.2003

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Artist's Note

first sub here... might as well have fun.
dtop is Heathrow Level 7 (I know, popular around here right now..)
Icons are a mix of Metrox, Gel-Ice (quicklaunch), and sp00k (for trillian)
winamp is MMD3, but you knew that already...
Icons were inserted (heh) into trillian by me, and the samurize config is mine too.
Oh, and sXP is Milk, the OSX port by KoL & Timan.

Tell me what you think, what you like, what you don't like, whatever!

Comments (4)


i think it'd look better if you had yellow icons

Tue, Feb 11th at 08:49pm (15 years ago)
replica says:

yeah, looks good but maybe recolor the icons a bit.. . just a thought

Wed, Feb 12th at 07:23am (15 years ago)
paladin_x says:

Imrik - Yeah, I'm a bit surprised too. Go figure - not complaining, but surprised. I don't know if I like the style xp either, it's just something I'm playing with.
50cent, replica - thanks, I'll consider doing that!

Wed, Feb 12th at 09:37am (15 years ago)
farm says:

Okay, this is weird, it looks very similar to my desktop that I have had since this wallpaper came out.

Wed, Feb 12th at 02:09pm (15 years ago)

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Created by paladin_x
on February 11th, 2003


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