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What can I say - I'm a Judge Dredd fan fed up with there being no decent skins on the subject - so I took the law into my own hands.

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dmonix says:

Hey this is pretty impressive, I wouldve found a Bisely Dredd though.
Only suggestion, is like people have suggested to me, customize your icons. then it'd be close to 99%

Mon, Jan 13th at 10:06am (14 years ago)

but its so ugly

Mon, Jan 13th at 12:18pm (14 years ago)

Best start menu ever, huh? well I guess if you really like Judge Dredd its a pretty coold theme, but most people here wouldnt use it or would get sick of it pretty fast....nice work, its original

Mon, Jan 13th at 12:28pm (14 years ago)

this shows a lot of effort and is very well done. while most at this site wouldn't want a judge dredd theme, i think it's very well done

Mon, Jan 13th at 01:54pm (14 years ago)
Imayan says:

Need some work on the taskbar

Mon, Jan 13th at 02:57pm (14 years ago)
unchi says:

the colors are so ugly

Mon, Jan 13th at 11:22pm (14 years ago)
Hackles says:

Very nice Work! But Where didi you get the wall? and the WB theme?!

Tue, Jan 14th at 05:14am (14 years ago)

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Created by Inertia_
on January 13th, 2003


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