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Starting 2003 off evil.
-chameleon clock
Molee xp
And I stole the lil devil dude from some bong site.
winamp3 with evol-ver skin

Comments (6)

Compo says:

it matches to a certain extent, but there isn't much there...

Sat, Jan 4th at 04:51pm (15 years ago)
sticboy says:

lol, imrik.

Sun, Jan 5th at 01:19am (15 years ago)

its just blah...

Sun, Jan 5th at 01:39am (15 years ago)
losthero says:

Im still deciding whats worse for small children... this ... or porn

Sun, Jan 5th at 08:43am (15 years ago)
dmonix says:

Well, I am not a satanist or anyting evil. I just enjoy religious art and symbols, Christian and other, admittledyl this is not the finest example of dark art.
Its more for the schock value if anything.

Thank you for your posts though

Sun, Jan 5th at 12:43pm (15 years ago)

there is nothing in this screenshot that is shocking. It actually looks like some kinda of halloween decoration you would buy at wal-mart. If you want shock value, try themeing your entire desktop around gay porno.

Tue, Jan 7th at 10:43am (15 years ago)

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Created by dmonix
on January 4th, 2003


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