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Artist's Note

Okay here's the beginning of a suite for teknision.com but unfortunately I can only submit a screenshot. I have yet to get a response to any e-mails or intrasite messages about getting permision to submit the skins and whatnot, but hopefully they will get back to me soon.

Anyways, here's what I got going on...
+ Teknision visual style by Playboy
+ Reshacked AIM and AIM Expression by me
+ TClock2 for the clock display
+ Created my own animated throbber
+ 3DCC theme by me
+ Animated dhtml drop downs by me
+ Wallpaper by me
+ Samurize script by me
+ Quick launch icons by me
+ Edited Sosumi OSX Winamp icon in systray
+ Colorpad skin by me
+ HoverWeather skin by me
+ Winamp skin by me
+ Chirurgical_Green recycle bin icon
+ Rainlendar skin by me
+ Freeshade

Looking for some feedback...

Comments (8)

darkmanx says:


Sat, Dec 21st at 02:05am (14 years ago)
Imayan says:

nice review darkmanx.....we spend hours on skinning and the only comment is "gay" hmmm......anyway....

The colors are nice....but way too busy...just try to see everything and I get lost. But i guess if I'm looking for a bright & busy theme, it might be something like taht.

Keep going your good work !!

Sat, Dec 21st at 02:11am (14 years ago)
DarkFong says:

VERY nioce look...almost every aspect is covered which gives it a nice complete feel to it....the wall is a bit minimalistic for all the stuff going on..ya know?

Sat, Dec 21st at 02:18am (14 years ago)

Thanks for the comments. I admit it is busy, but it's hard trying to get everything on there since I mainly uploaded it to get feedback on the skins and stuff I created. I suck at making wallpapers too so I threw that together instead of having a plain white background. I'm just hoping people use some of the stuff I created once I upload it.

Imrik: Let me know if you think I should edit any of the skins since you were the one mainly interested in this suite.

Sat, Dec 21st at 02:26am (14 years ago)

sweet. me likey

Sat, Dec 21st at 10:46am (14 years ago)

this is really nice...its nice to see someone working hard on a suite that isnt just a simple gray...this is gray, but its different...nice job

Sat, Dec 21st at 12:17pm (14 years ago)
Compo says:

i like it, i like it alot.

Fri, Jan 3rd at 06:24pm (14 years ago)
dephunked says:

im a late comer to this theme, but i'm certainly into it now. i want these skins :P ive got a nifty little wallpaper for this if you want it. mail me or something.

Thu, Jan 30th at 03:58pm (14 years ago)

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Created by IAmTheProdigy
on December 21st, 2002


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