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Artist's Note

my first screenshot, please rate

bummi's running:
windows 2000
litestep 0.24.6 - popup from 'horizontal' theme by 'czar'
winamp - color it in
icons by
John Marstall,

Ras Icons from ???

other icons from
wall - done by me, rudoplh copied from
colortheme - done with 3DCC

Comments (8)

bummi says:

sorry, forgot to show the specified icons in screeni

Mon, Dec 9th at 08:05am (15 years ago)
shocks says:

lol. it's the red nose guy. lol

Mon, Dec 9th at 08:06am (15 years ago)
TheCowGod says:

lol, it kinda looks like he has to pee

Mon, Dec 9th at 12:49pm (15 years ago)

cute :) welcome to custo. nice first work. a lot better than some of the crap that comes here everyday! stick with litestep. it's a lot more versitile than any windows build will ever be! work with it. push it's buttons,. see what it can really do :)

Mon, Dec 9th at 01:38pm (15 years ago)
losthero says:

MAJOR MINUS POINTS for 800X600 resolution.

Mon, Dec 9th at 04:03pm (15 years ago)
jsuh says:

I like I like, original and I like the wallpaper and colors. Good job :) Oh and by the way, losthero, shouldn't really give points off for resolution, doesn't really pertain to the ScreenShot itself...Should rate by content, not by size.

Mon, Dec 9th at 05:07pm (15 years ago)

losothero = idiot...some people dont have monitors big enough to use a higher res.

Mon, Dec 9th at 06:55pm (15 years ago)
spr33 says:

It isn't 800*600 anyhow, it's 1024. Nice nether the less.

Wed, Dec 18th at 06:53am (15 years ago)

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Created by bummi
on December 9th, 2002


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