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...Bob! And I still run enlightenment.

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c h c says:

the stats seem to take up a lot of room and that green is ghastly. Winamp does not match IMO and the thought of seeing a slug on my dtop everyday is kinda sick. i don't know much about enlightenment so i can't say much more...

Fri, Nov 29th at 01:38pm (15 years ago)
ToKyO says:

er..pretty ugly

Fri, Nov 29th at 01:39pm (15 years ago)

lol dude - I give you mucho points for uploading this - it's your style, your desk and fuck all the tools that don't get that

Fri, Nov 29th at 04:15pm (15 years ago)
tokio says:

whos cosmic bob and whos tokyo

Fri, Feb 14th at 04:47am (14 years ago)

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Created by cosmicbob
on November 29th, 2002


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