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Artist's Note

photos by boheme [boheme.deviantart.com]

got rid of coolmon coz it was fukin with my internet,
winamp is modified Simplicty Blue by digitalvoltage [thanx]
exeicons by kmr

[check out the yorp]

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way to simple and bland how about some picante.. kick up another knotch! bam! (too much emeril).

Tue, Nov 5th at 09:46pm (15 years ago)

looks great..i like the wall...looks nice with the dhtml and the icons under it...
can you email me that winamp and the dhtml menus plz?

Tue, Nov 5th at 09:39am (15 years ago)

What did you use to get the winamp controls in the taskbar?

Tue, Nov 5th at 05:02pm (15 years ago)
seeingred says:

winamp controls are a set of Apps called WinampCC. They're just .exe files that i put in a folder and made a toolbar. easy peasy japa neasy

Tue, Nov 5th at 11:09pm (15 years ago)

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Created by seeingred
on November 5th, 2002


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