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Artist's Note

My first background...dont be too harsh :D

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This could be better, you have a slight hint of being able to match the desktop. Rather than go on about the faults in this i'll give you some pointers, since you are using XP how about trying a new style xp theme for your startmenu, get rid of that music player prog and get winamp, if it is winamp get a new matching skin and finally, try to stay away from that big blocky icon look and go for something that matches overall with the rest of your shot. Good attempt but much improvements can be made.

Sun, Oct 27th at 10:57pm (15 years ago)
KrazyKidd says:

Sorry, i meant theme, as you can see i gave credit to the maker of the wallpaper, shikyi

Sun, Oct 27th at 02:59pm (15 years ago)
dmonix says:

I dont like your cropping job of the original, I think the winamp is too big and so are your icons.

Sun, Oct 27th at 03:25pm (15 years ago)

you edit YOUR desktop for OTHER people to like? come on man, customizing is all about making your desktop look the way you want it, no the way other people would like it

Sun, Oct 27th at 03:25pm (15 years ago)
Coestar says:

Woah. Are you saying this is "your first background" or "your first theme". Here's why: If you mean theme, that's fine. If you mean that you made this background, then that's wrong, since my roomate made that background. Unless you want to be considered a ripper, you better clarify.

Sun, Oct 27th at 04:44pm (15 years ago)

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Created by KrazyKidd
on October 27th, 2002


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