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Artist's Note

Hey dudes this was a hard work so give me a break. I still not happy with all that but i'm working on a new version. Anyway comments and tips welcome.

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we frown on screenshot resubs >:[

Thu, Oct 10th at 05:27pm (15 years ago)
zerohq says:

nice fix on ur icons. Now everything seems to match up nicely. Even ur systray been fixed up. Nicely done.

Thu, Oct 10th at 12:09pm (15 years ago)
splat says:

very nice, i like that theme a lot better than the 1 i'm using. its odd how the bg of the text in teh playlist came out to be a different color on ur computer. also, look where the visualization is in the main window, under the time, that happened to me once also, i think it might just be a bug in winamp. also odd.

anyway, enough about my skin...those icons r slick. looks like all u did was recolor the block os ones. at any rate, theres still effort in there. and it looks good.

Thu, Oct 10th at 05:13pm (15 years ago)

this is an awesome theme !!

Fri, Oct 11th at 03:08am (15 years ago)

Where to get that theme?

Fri, Oct 11th at 07:23am (15 years ago)
warkosh says:

well really that isn't a theme is just a wallpaper simulating boxes from a imaginary theme!

Fri, Oct 11th at 08:38pm (15 years ago)

where do i dl please?

Sun, Nov 7th at 02:18am (13 years ago)

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Created by warkosh
on October 10th, 2002


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