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I'm trully sorry but as i said before that is my first time doing this. Well the first one is just the wallpaper now this one is how it looks in my desktop with icons and tclock. The Tclock i edit myself some icons i still have to change. And sure the gorgeous winamp skin by splat! Wicked

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Some aspects of this shot are good and then there are others that are not so hot. The systray icons and your regular icons! the regular icons need to be more situated with the theme itself, and you've got to remove some of those systray icons using msconfig or something.

Wed, Oct 9th at 07:40pm (15 years ago)
Josuah says:

I love the way you made this. It appeals to fans of both dark and light colors.

Excellent work.

Wed, Oct 9th at 02:39pm (15 years ago)
Redux says:

wtf? omfg. so good.

Wed, Oct 9th at 02:45pm (15 years ago)
nrgize says:

I agree with max on this one. The systray and the icons just some to bring this screenshot down. (update: not saying it's bad, i like it too. )

Wed, Oct 9th at 04:00pm (15 years ago)
sad says:


Wed, Oct 9th at 04:21pm (15 years ago)

yeah, fix the systray...it looks pretty good

Wed, Oct 9th at 06:24pm (15 years ago)
L3VI says:

max and nrgize said it best. :-) i like it though

Wed, Oct 9th at 07:56pm (15 years ago)

I hate you so very very much...

Thu, Oct 10th at 06:15am (15 years ago)

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Created by warkosh
on October 9th, 2002


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