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Artist's Note

Style XP - ChosenK
Winamp 2.x - Technicannibal
IseekU - ICQ plus using DePulze
Misc Icons..
Wall - Glass Dragon Dragothic (Bad jpg :()

Same idea... now my idea for this theme would be first off deleting the names of those shortcuts since i know what they are anyways :) second, losing the taskbar, and replacing it with a rightclick mouse option, that will bring up my games and applications i have chosen for said option. All that would be left is a sea dragon :P ohhh and lookit my sweet l33t mad skillz with the winamp and irc exention. FOOLED you all!! hahaha. Ok. maybe not.

As for the icons.. i could of changed them all to bubbles. minimalistic or what?!
Anyways i don't have any decent blue icons. or that shade of blue. Did you notice the change in color btw?

Thanks for putting up with my newbieizm.
Time for a dark theme.. but no real decent StyleXP black ones :(

Comments (7)

LTD says:

Okay, this a is a repost ((shield your eyes from the wrath of the admins)) - but in IMHO, this looks MUCH better. THe icons are right on. Love the minimalism they add to the theme. While I am no longer a hugty fan of StyleXP (I prefer custo in Windows classic mode:-) you oulled thiso ne off nicely. ChosenOS Blue is a ggod choice in this case. The "right click" idea is interesting, although a good-looking taskbar always impreoves the screen = cosmetic standpoint. Geez, this is a neat wall :-)))) Again, I love the bubble icons - WHERE CAN I FIND THOSE?
UPDATE:: actually, nrgize is right. The screenshot was done by ME previously. But this is a goodp piece of work :-) YES, I would like it if you sent me the icons. Thanks for the offer.

Sun, Oct 6th at 12:07pm (15 years ago)
nrgize says:

For one thing, the wall has been done already, quite nicely too. If you're going to use the same wall as someone else, try to make it look better than theirs.

Sun, Oct 6th at 12:10pm (15 years ago)
Lynkx says:

LTD: its actually a trash icon, ment to show it kind of "indented" in the screen as the author said. I can toss em to ya if you need be. When there is files IN the recycle bin, shows some newspaper crumpled up IN the bubble. And NRGIZE You mind posting me a link to what the heck you're talking about? And to the admins, i apalogize, Just trying to get the hang of this tweaking the theme, no more re-posts from me!

Sun, Oct 6th at 12:33pm (15 years ago)
L3VI says:

icons look great

Sun, Oct 6th at 03:46pm (15 years ago)
Compo says:

colors work well together, but your ICQ could use some work.

Sun, Oct 6th at 05:32pm (15 years ago)
essenkae says:

dude.. its been done.

Wed, Dec 4th at 01:18am (14 years ago)
cfmu says:

nice workLynkx!
could u send me those bubble icons?

Wed, Sep 3rd at 04:23pm (14 years ago)

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Created by Lynkx
on October 6th, 2002


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