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Artist's Note

Winamp: Own Design
Icons: Chirurgical (blood) edited


Tclock 2
Desktop Architect
Winamp 2.81
Adobe Photoshop O.61

Comments (10)


oh yes, I'm definitely a fan!

Sat, Aug 31st at 07:50pm (15 years ago)
K:-DW says:

i am sorry ..corporate.. i was a little bit mad (not on you) so i gave you a low rating
it all looks very nice!
just the wall i don't like him very much but he is very cool with the other stuff on your desk!

..corporate.. and i aren't the same person! i just know him good.

Fri, Aug 30th at 09:12am (15 years ago)

heh i like the ss and everythingabout it although it is abit plain.

Fri, Aug 30th at 10:22am (15 years ago)
Redux says:

looks cool...cool wall :D

Fri, Aug 30th at 10:27am (15 years ago)
AzNRaver says:

are u gona post ur winamp skin?

Fri, Aug 30th at 11:06am (15 years ago)

Didnt you already submit this screenshot?
Photoshop 0.61! now thats old school, j/p :)

Fri, Aug 30th at 01:16pm (15 years ago)
h8r says:

I have a feeling K:-DW and Corporate are the same people, always bad mouthing each other's submissions to act like they are not.

Fri, Aug 30th at 04:52pm (15 years ago)
Knuff says:

Interesting...could have a bit more depth though.

Fri, Aug 30th at 05:22pm (15 years ago)

h8r: We are not. I swear. k:-dw is just someone I know and he allways asks me to rate his ss's. And when I rate them low he does the same thing. And I made a mistake with the photoshop, it is 6.1 lol.

Fri, Aug 30th at 06:21pm (15 years ago)

nice shot but too bold red borders ... thats y im rating u low ... hey cool buggy thing u have in your desktop ... take away your lil insects look icon from this red bug may be it will swallow it and dont even fart after eating em up ....

Sat, Aug 31st at 04:50am (15 years ago)

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Created by ..corporate..
on August 30th, 2002


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