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Artist's Note

- Theme is TomTom by jromo for styleXp
- Wallpaper is a combo of TomTom OS modified by me and an illustration. I couldn't find the author of the llustration, if anyone knows say so
- GeoShell 4.9 w/ Gnome theme
- Winamp Remote
- Winamp AVS plugin-self done (not that great) but simple and clean
- Samurize
- Rainlender
- Cursors are 'blue ball' / recolored by my Evil Lover (josh) j/k
- Everything has been ResHacked from the login to most programs
- Icons used for programs on the left and right are 'orange space'

Comments (12)


the drop shadows and the colors used on this make it ultra sweet.

Wed, Aug 21st at 08:13pm (15 years ago)

That is one Hot piece of desktop azz. Your colour choice and programs used are just awesome. I'm glad you showed the cursors. I fear you spent too much time on this. I am in awe, and hope others feel the same. one hundred.

Wed, Aug 21st at 04:32am (15 years ago)
h8r says:

Lovely. I love the way GeoShell looks with that theme, this inspires me to get GeoShell! There is nothing really wrong with this other than the Font on the windows. I mean look, you got a damn calender, winamp, visualization coming out of the borders of your screen. And if those are really the cursors you use...you have one hell of a desktop. Very sweet shot! (And I hope you're using Infinity site layout )

Wed, Aug 21st at 05:13am (15 years ago)

Too bad 100 is the highest score I can give. Very nice.

Wed, Aug 21st at 06:07am (15 years ago)
FnaD says:

Love what you've done with making spots on the wall for the apps. I predict a rash of copy cats :)

Wed, Aug 21st at 08:38am (15 years ago)
Redux says:

wow, the the hell did you manage all this :D I give it my official "Uber-L337" mark.

Wed, Aug 21st at 10:03am (15 years ago)
tankz0r says:

ss of the day fuck..

also please get a ss of the login screen! :D

Wed, Aug 21st at 10:42am (15 years ago)
foo says:


Wed, Aug 21st at 01:57pm (15 years ago)
pengee says:

wow...thanks for the great response. H8r, I am not familiar with 'Infinity site layout.' Also, I ment to ask if anyone knew a font conversion program. The window titles aren't the same because I am not using a ttf. Any questions just ask and I posted the 'almost' login here:

Wed, Aug 21st at 05:30pm (15 years ago)
vip3r says:

wow, this is awesome!

Wed, Aug 21st at 06:00pm (15 years ago)
raxidian says:

nice setup, I made that wall, but I really couldn't find the author of the drawing either (it was much larger when i modified it). If someone else knows, please post the name

Sat, Aug 24th at 02:20am (15 years ago)
jromo says:

man this is sweet! great layout! congrats!

Mon, Sep 30th at 06:45pm (15 years ago)

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Created by pengee
on August 21st, 2002


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