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Woo-hoo... A new submission.
A desktop try. Comments welcome.

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maybe eyesore green :).. you've done ok with getting the weird greens to match but im just not sure how usable this is.

Tue, Aug 13th at 01:14pm (15 years ago)
uri says:

ooh mikworks' leaves icon set.... (all 75 pts because of that)

--- if you're not into the small icon view for your start menu, you can use the included wallpapers to use for the start button and side bar.

boy i'm just itching to see who can build a mod around the pretty but hard to distinguish icon set, aidl.

Tue, Aug 13th at 06:21am (15 years ago)
Droid says:

Sorry to sound rude, but the green wants to make me hurl, the throbber stands out too much, and there isn't really a lot of custo.

Tue, Aug 13th at 07:29am (15 years ago)
chip1270 says:

your colors are unique, and work well with the desktop and icon set. you might want to go to vitualplastic and get something to change the icons in your startmenu.

Tue, Aug 13th at 10:01am (15 years ago)
Poet says:

AAHHH! need... darker... green.

Tue, Aug 13th at 10:24am (15 years ago)

could use a lot more customization, but at least its not the boring white with black lines...but this could use some work

Thu, Aug 15th at 04:01pm (15 years ago)

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Created by elpatr0n
on August 13th, 2002


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