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Artist's Note

Long time no see ppl :)
Just showing what im up to now. 3D modeling (the face is modeled by me :), photography(the wallpaper) and makeing abstract A4's wich i love so much. Apps runin are tclock,windowblinds,wintidy and startbar fader. Stable as hell.

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i think the screenshot is to display your winampskin that you've been working on, however it does not compliment the background and the other stuff on the desktop, you are good and all shinter but this falls short.

Sun, Aug 11th at 04:54am (15 years ago)
VictorC says:

Wow, been a while since we've seen anything from you. Glad to see you back.

Fri, Aug 9th at 10:05pm (15 years ago)

yea man cool stuff
stay at custo!

Fri, Aug 9th at 10:39pm (15 years ago)

*GASP***** TEH SHINTER IS BACK!!!! phew i heard you died in a nailclipping accident BTW good job on face :) modeling is tough EDIT: what im not crying i just uhh yawned... yeah thats it no need for a *sniff* tissue

Fri, Aug 9th at 10:42pm (15 years ago)
shocks says:

hay long time no see. lol . Nice Custo you got going on in the screen shot.

Fri, Aug 9th at 11:46pm (15 years ago)

self-image? luv tha work

Sat, Aug 10th at 03:40am (15 years ago)
Azmyth says:

wow, nice wp man.. You need to post more stuff, havnt seen you around here much. Btw, heh.. whens the next wp coming out? :)

Sat, Aug 10th at 04:39am (15 years ago)
vip3r says:

hey, i hear ur like the best when it comes to walls. welcome back!

Sat, Aug 10th at 08:16am (15 years ago)
trajik says:

sup goran... what windowblinds skin do you have there?

Tue, Aug 13th at 10:17am (15 years ago)
Redux says:

weak. trajik, stop sucking up - it doesnt deserve a 100.

Thu, Sep 5th at 11:42am (15 years ago)
olvin says:

everything is nice,but i wish you would have released at least one tenth part of the stuff shown in it:)

Fri, Dec 6th at 02:02pm (14 years ago)
PepeM4Y says:

enough with the fucking shinter hype

Sat, Nov 20th at 01:58pm (13 years ago)

um... never heard of ya so basically i agree with Max on this one, falls short majorly

Sun, Nov 21st at 01:36am (13 years ago)

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Created by shinter
on August 9th, 2002


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