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Artist's Note

This is the beginning of my Fatoe.Omega suite. I'm still working on putting together the webviews and stuff, but I wanted to see what people would say. Shouts to littleginzo72 for the idea of using fatoe images for WP, and for inspiring me to do this theme.

-WP- Fatoe Compund-Omega [slightly edited]
-Custom tclock2, samurize, and 3dcc settings.
-icons are exeicons. [hacked shell32.dll]

So, let's hear it...

Comments (7)


grey and red are a good match, nice icons do the trick.

Thu, Aug 8th at 03:04am (15 years ago)

I dunno, Im just not really feeling this one...maybe if u customized more, cleaned some stuff up, changed the start bar it would be better...and Im pretty sure littleginzo72 wasnt the first person to do that

Wed, Aug 7th at 02:12am (15 years ago)
Scudz says:

Heh, the robot is cool. I see the similarities to Calibretto in Battle Chasers (a comic)

Wed, Aug 7th at 03:12am (15 years ago)

Nice wall, nice icons, cool font. (which font is it anyway?)

Wed, Aug 7th at 03:36am (15 years ago)

Thats funny, I have the same exact wallpaper on my desktop right now except I colored the background white and put the robot in the bottom left! Pretty funny, but I like this setup. Add some more customization/apps and you got yourself a nice loking suite. The robot guy would make a tight webview (I'd do it but I can't figure it out in XP).

-and corporate, I believe he is using Sevenet7 as the font

Wed, Aug 7th at 07:31am (15 years ago)
fatoe says:

"WYNTON" -what's an OK ss?

Wed, Aug 7th at 05:58pm (15 years ago)

Wow, I prolly shoulda looked harder, but it turns out Azmyth beat me to the punch on this one....

Back to the drawing board, I guess...

Thu, Aug 8th at 12:44am (15 years ago)

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Created by Agent Orange
on August 6th, 2002


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