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Artist's Note

I am new at this so I would like to hear soem tips on what I should do, possibly programs I could use etc.
I would really like to know if you can take a title off an icon (no name).
This is merely a start, I just rebuilt my machine so when I get it to the final stage I'll credit the people who's shit I used.

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nothing is really customized apart from the taskbar and icons, nice wall though.

Thu, Aug 8th at 03:02am (15 years ago)
boogieman says:

bof, well, where to start. You definitely need to get rid of the windows shell, cause its downright fisher price ugly. Try Window Blinds, DesktopX, Talisman or Litestep (although its a little advanced for me). Get Microangelo for icons if you don't already have it. Also, Samurize (the next big thing) or CoolMon is used in alot of screenys around here. Hope it helped.

Wed, Aug 7th at 12:10am (15 years ago)

np sticboy, on its way

Wed, Aug 7th at 12:46am (15 years ago)
Knuff says:

I use resource hacker, 3dcc, tclock2, start bar fader (i00), winamp, samurize, iphile, and stylexp. WindowBlinds is good also, you can use it instead of stylexp. I don't bother with shells, they're less stable than the normal windows shell, and it's not really nessessary.

Wed, Aug 7th at 12:55am (15 years ago)
results says:

mojomonkee is throwing a geek tantrum

Wed, Aug 7th at 03:04am (15 years ago)
sticboy says:

get some icons.anime chick is cool.. can you send me that wall?

Wed, Aug 7th at 05:19am (15 years ago)
harper says:

I like that icon you used for Opera. (My Fav. web browser)

Anime chick is very cool could you also send me a copy? ;-)

Wed, Aug 7th at 10:26am (15 years ago)
seb says:

umm, he's already using style xp. the rhodium skin t00 be exact.
i like/use style xp because it doesnt seem to have as many bugs as windowblinds and takes a lot less memory.

Wed, Aug 7th at 02:57pm (15 years ago)
KSG says:

[Edit] Specifically, though not in the exact form seen in the screenshot....

Wed, Aug 7th at 10:42pm (15 years ago)
zerolapha says:

somewhere on is the wall...

it's actually a sex-less being according to the game

Mon, Aug 12th at 02:48am (15 years ago)

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Created by BlueBirdJelly
on August 6th, 2002


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