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Artist's Note

All the details in the ss. Nothing particularly special.

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vip3r says:

this looks very similar to the one im working on, so i just have to give it a hundred :)

Sun, Jul 28th at 06:41pm (15 years ago)

damn thats a sexy desktop!!

Sun, Jul 28th at 06:42pm (15 years ago)
h8r says:

This is unique like everything else. (lol)

Sun, Jul 28th at 06:47pm (15 years ago)

this was the same exact desktop i had about....20 minutes ago? so i give it a 95. -5 cause i just had it.

Sun, Jul 28th at 07:02pm (15 years ago)
sad says:


Sun, Jul 28th at 08:42pm (15 years ago)
Azmyth says:

holy shit anti, your a nut. I love this! Keep it up :)

Sun, Jul 28th at 09:47pm (15 years ago)

bumpin ur score cuz you deserve it, great job, its like minimal, but customized to hell and back

Mon, Jul 29th at 12:44am (15 years ago)
sticboy says:

Sheeeeeet!!!.. simply awesome man!

Mon, Jul 29th at 02:29am (15 years ago)
digger says:

the used... hmm good selection of band there chap.... not to mention, very high quality screenshot...

Thu, Aug 15th at 04:03pm (15 years ago)

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Created by antimatter
on July 28th, 2002


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