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wall ripped from clusta website..
icons are exeicons..
you know the rest...

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brooke burke is so fuckin hot

Tue, Jul 23rd at 11:53pm (15 years ago)
Mirage says:

dont suppose u could do me a small favor ? ...save ur windows appearance and email it to , or if u used 3DCC..you could save it as a 3dCC scheme and send that...thx

Tue, Jul 23rd at 11:58pm (15 years ago)

brooke burkes a ugly ho

Wed, Jul 24th at 12:06am (15 years ago)

thanks..i finally get some comments and ratings [=
i'm using tclock2 and 3dcc

Wed, Jul 24th at 12:41am (15 years ago)
results says:

this is the mofugga

Wed, Jul 24th at 02:02am (15 years ago)

i like that, but what are you using for the taskbar and for the windows?

Wed, Jul 24th at 02:10am (15 years ago)
mrzmaster says:

Sweet. What font is that?

Wed, Jul 24th at 11:09am (15 years ago)
vip3r says:

im pretty sure forzenchrome used that same font in one of his screens, he said it was dragon. Great shto overall, nice job.

Wed, Jul 24th at 01:12pm (15 years ago)

Very nice theme with gratuitous breast :-)
Fonts are Silkscreen + Dungeon if I'm not mistaken.

Wed, Jul 24th at 01:23pm (15 years ago)
sad says:

damNNN. nicee
everything blends in perfectly.
buts its a little to bright for my eyes, but seeing brooke burke makes it all better.

Wed, Jul 24th at 02:48pm (15 years ago)

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Created by littleginzo72
and staticuxo
on July 23rd, 2002


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