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KiNd.BuD says:

cool, link to icons plz :)

Mon, Jul 1st at 06:34pm (15 years ago)
Defect says:

OMG! HE CHANGED THE START BAR ICON HE IS SO UBERLY....Gimp...damn dude, do you ever quit? No one wants to see screenshots of your gimped out desktop.

Btw, reading your little IRC session, it's not that people hate you because you smoke weeds, people hate you because you are gimp and annoying.

Mon, Jul 1st at 06:51pm (15 years ago)

we dont hate you, we hate your screen shots, we dont like your screen shots becuase u try to show off that u smoke weed do you really think we care?

Mon, Jul 1st at 06:56pm (15 years ago)
rk says:


Mon, Jul 1st at 07:22pm (15 years ago)
Tragz says:

Who makes you look at my Screenshots
and to PhyrE ArmS yes becuase you are annoying me with this lame ass reviews.

Mon, Jul 1st at 07:41pm (15 years ago)
drai says:

hmm, smokin is fun, bragging about it is rather lame, shame on you. Btw, the screen isn't that bad though. EDIT: Defect, rate his screen, not him. It's kinda childish to do otherwise.

Mon, Jul 1st at 07:48pm (15 years ago)
VictorC says:

he didn't change the start button icon, thats how the fatatIE theme is by default.

Mon, Jul 1st at 08:05pm (15 years ago)
OddFox says:

I don't really hate anyone here but trolls. Why do all you people even care enough to keep posting the same stuff on Tragz's submissions? "OMG YOU SUCK TRAGZ YOU FUCKING BRAGGING STONER!"

Stay the hell away if you don't like it, doesn't make any sense.

Mon, Jul 1st at 09:18pm (15 years ago)
Unclear says:

i kinda agree with OddFox... this has gone beyond constructive critisizm... maybe you should all cool it... but whatever...

Mon, Jul 1st at 09:28pm (15 years ago)
Deeity says:

Thanks for taking the words out of my mouth Defect..

Mon, Jul 1st at 10:17pm (15 years ago)

dood ur gay

Tue, Jul 2nd at 08:31am (15 years ago)
chavo says:

son, are you on The Pot?

Tue, Jul 2nd at 11:55am (15 years ago)
Redux says:

another brilliant screenshot by the pot-smoking nerd, tragz. Oh yeah, great job on the conversation - nobody likes you, dude, go to deviantart or somthing.

Tue, Jul 2nd at 12:02pm (15 years ago)

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Created by Tragz
on July 1st, 2002


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