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Artist's Note

This is a fresh install of Win 2k, pretty plain, but got rid of XP! Tell us what to add, this was a joint effort between me and my friend, as you should know in1tialize. Please tell us what to add! Thanks!

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Defect says:

I like the wallpaper, the desktop as a whole is pretty plain. Not diggin the large icons and the default bar but I'll give you a bit for effort :P So why did you get rid of XP? From what I understand XP can do all that 2k can do unless you're running 2k Advanced server or something.

Mon, Jul 1st at 03:26pm (15 years ago)

XP is absolute crap. It's slow, a memory hog, everything 2K isn't. Which is why 2K is still the best windows version ever.

Mon, Jul 1st at 03:40pm (15 years ago)
Compo says:

good effort, not to get into a OS vs. OS thing - but did you know XP has over 90 different "services"(automatic programs) that you can turn off - and you still get the benefits of XP. But when you turn off these services it really helps you computer - just search for it in google.

Mon, Jul 1st at 04:39pm (15 years ago)
psirix says:

I don't want an OS war here! I just want reviews on my theme!

Mon, Jul 1st at 04:50pm (15 years ago)
KiNd.BuD says:

Its good but you must understand that theres nothing left to add. You have to make it fit. IMO CoolMon feels outa place. I would take that down. The icons arent a perfect fit either. After that I would change the color of the taskbar to the color of either your wall paper or winamp. do a search on google for windowsblinds and check out chosenOS maybe?

Mon, Jul 1st at 09:49pm (15 years ago)

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Created by psirix
on July 1st, 2002


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