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Artist's Note

Just a blue theme I put together. I like it anyway, quite relaxin to use.

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2 mp3 players=trying to look customized when it isn't.

Sat, Jun 29th at 11:43pm (15 years ago)
Redux says:

Quite nice. It is relaxing, I must say. Add some cool-blue icons to the white part of the dtop and you're set. I would use the winamp3 (i think thats what it is) skin as it matches more - and ChronoHaven, it is customized. Frankly, downloading windowblinds is customizing.

Sun, Jun 30th at 08:52am (15 years ago)
chip1270 says:

this is great use of blue and, as I look more it seems it doesn't match perfectly, but it is awesomly blue. where, by the way did you get that sonique skin? It matches very well.

Sun, Jun 30th at 12:23pm (15 years ago)
PeteCee says:

*Update* Crunchy, I don't use both at the same time you tit! I just use Sonique sometimes and Winamp sometimes as I like both players. It's included in the shot to show that I have a matching skin for the wall. Oh and XP rox, yuck yuck my balls =P

Sun, Jun 30th at 12:28pm (15 years ago)

really nice! the winamp skin is ugly though....

Sun, Jun 30th at 01:49pm (15 years ago)

nice soft blue color and u finnaly made good use of that damn styles XP skin

Sun, Jun 30th at 04:35pm (15 years ago)
Rufus007 says:


Sun, Jun 30th at 07:15pm (15 years ago)
Fenrir says:


Sun, Jun 30th at 08:49pm (15 years ago)
geel says:

*yuck* winxp *yuck*

Sun, Jun 30th at 09:18pm (15 years ago)
rkenshin says:

wow, default stylexp skin. i can see lots of hypocritical people.

Sun, Jun 30th at 09:53pm (15 years ago)
Mirage says:

not much customizing that i can see...just looks like default xp, with skins and a wp to match. but i like it :)

Sun, Jun 30th at 11:31pm (15 years ago)
dc_ob says:

dude, crunchy. stop it already. people use xp nowadays. time to move on, your not any cooler using win98! or me or whatever. your not oldschool. "i never said i was" blah blah blah blah i like chicken wings!!!

Mon, Jul 1st at 09:39am (15 years ago)

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Created by PeteCee
on June 29th, 2002


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