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Artist's Note

DesktopX theme I have been working on for awhile in my spare time. Acts almost exactly like the real MacOSX. Clock switches from date, also there is a dock bar I just didn't ss it. Trans menu's and all that jazz. Just wanted to see if it was worth continuing or if everyone was sick of Mac themes.

Comments (6)

Demannu says:

I'm a dual platform user. I prefer to use Mac. I would love to see a shell that completely resembles the mac. I use a PC at work and a new PC at home for games. I really enjoy my Mac for my home business. It would be great to have my PC's look and feel like OS X. Is there something I could do to speed up the process? Do you need money? Do you have other projects that you have been working on for the Mac?

I gave you an 100 for the effort. 80 because it is not finished and I can not test it.

Thu, Jun 27th at 11:58am (15 years ago)
whody says:

so this is mac osx running on windows?.. if you want a mac, GO BUY ONE

Thu, Jun 27th at 12:09pm (15 years ago)
darksheer says:

you know whody, not everyone has cash to burn to buy a mac...cool as they are...they aren't cheap!

Thu, Jun 27th at 12:31pm (15 years ago)
Xhabbo says:

I am also feeling like buying a peecee (as dirty as it may sound for me) so I would really enjoy a clone of the OS X interface for windows. You can get a top of the line peecee for damn cheap compared to macs and you don't always have to wait for expos for new technology to come out. Anyways... nice job. Are all of those menus in the upper right corner fuctional (the sound volume, displays, and airport)? I'd also be interested in a screen shot of the main file browsing, that is if you have completed that.

whody - No, Mac OS X does not run on x86 machines. Get a clue.

Thu, Jun 27th at 02:12pm (15 years ago)

The wallpaper reminds me of rainbow sherbert ice cream

Thu, Jun 27th at 02:40pm (15 years ago)

I have never worked on a Mac machine. You know whody, I think you may bee looking at this the wrong way. This could be a way for people who are unfamiliar with the Mac to get aquaited with it's interface. I personally use LiteStep so I couldn't use this, but it looks like he has put alot of work into it. If it was a LiteStep theme, I would give it try. I can't give a rating because I don't know how accurate it is.

Thu, Jun 27th at 04:44pm (15 years ago)

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Created by Lord_Zelo
on June 27th, 2002


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