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Artist's Note

The four things you see built into the wallpaper are desktop items, a power-off button which fades in, two text fields, one searches google.com and opens results in new window, the other launches any URL I type in. The clock is a javascript real-time one (it ticks) using images for each digit. More details in open txt document in the screenie.

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Tue, Jun 4th at 02:36am (15 years ago)
tyness says:

eh, not my favorite color. dislike the font on taskbar too. the clock is a fine idea, but it really doesnt go well with everything else and it really isnt nessisary...to much blank space on wallpaper. sorry man, im being a biatch but thats just my opionion... :/

Sun, Jun 2nd at 08:53pm (15 years ago)
r00p says:

have to agree with the designers notes, its a top setup...gets my vote...

Sun, Jun 2nd at 08:58pm (15 years ago)
Sw1tched says:

Window Colors are ugly, the darker parts in the wallpaper doesn't make nice contrast with the windows, but I like your text fields.

Sun, Jun 2nd at 09:03pm (15 years ago)

I love the desktop setup itself, nice job blending everything into the wp, but I don't really like the taskbar...damned WinXP not letting you custo as easily as 98/2k :(

Sun, Jun 2nd at 09:04pm (15 years ago)

I know I wish that XP was as easy to customize as 98. I wish, I wish, I wish.

Mon, Jun 3rd at 08:03am (15 years ago)
whody says:

exposed, you're on crack.. you named this simplicity. are you nuts? you have javascripts and shit running in the background :) nobody else puts this kind of effort (well not the majority) into their desktop.. therefore, this is tight

Mon, Jun 3rd at 10:09am (15 years ago)
chip1270 says:

this is a pretty damn awesome desk, it might not look perfect but it looks good enough, and that combined with all the html work you put in makes it great. Also, I rated high because there are a lot of people here that don't know what they're talking about

Mon, Jun 3rd at 12:07pm (15 years ago)

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Created by Exposed.Grafik
on June 2nd, 2002


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