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Artist's Note

Using chosenk visual style and wallpaper by KoL. Desktop icons MMX by Mikkel Madsen. Comments are welcome.

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not really much customizing here.

Tue, May 28th at 03:54am (15 years ago)


Thu, May 23rd at 08:54am (15 years ago)
hexsus says:

I second that

Thu, May 23rd at 10:14am (15 years ago)
oizzlo says:

rofl, spic haha

Thu, May 23rd at 04:39pm (15 years ago)
Koga says:

thats quite rude of you, complex.

Thu, May 23rd at 07:31pm (15 years ago)
Compo says:

its not that great, but no need to trash someone's work when it looks like some work went into it. giving a 100 to off-set the scores

Thu, May 23rd at 09:23pm (15 years ago)

im putting 100 only to offset your scores. what are you all stupid piece of shit reviewers? emoticonman gets a public rating of 70 and this gets a 1? wtf is up with that? this is hell of alot better to look at than his black p-o-s. i guess you guys must be alot of gothy type art punks or something. morons.

Thu, May 23rd at 09:34pm (15 years ago)
crypto101 says:

right! no comment on anything.

Fri, May 24th at 10:42pm (15 years ago)

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Created by dimmu
on May 23rd, 2002


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