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Artist's Note

Windows 98SE

WP - Shinter's Uncut, but I made it grey
Icons - Seer

Please Comment...suggestions are appreciated

Comments (11)


nice grayscale theme.

Sat, Apr 27th at 06:00pm (15 years ago)
Dj Power says:

4 ur style and Real OS Dude !

Sat, Apr 27th at 12:10am (15 years ago)

ryan241...I've only submitted 3 screenshots in the last year that I have been coming here...I think you have me confused with FrozenChrome, who by the way may submit a lot of ss, but they are all good

Sat, Apr 27th at 12:27am (15 years ago)
ryan241 says:

Well, you just have a new one EVERY day it seems like.

Sat, Apr 27th at 12:49am (15 years ago)
aafuss says:

Now that's a good 98 screenshot.

Sat, Apr 27th at 01:05am (15 years ago)


Sat, Apr 27th at 02:05am (15 years ago)
VictorC says:

hey you stole my idea :)

Sat, Apr 27th at 02:30am (15 years ago)
whody says:

too white for me.. gray and white are starting to get MORE overused than blue

Sat, Apr 27th at 02:17pm (15 years ago)
n20 says:

victor - your idea wasnt stolen. you adjusted shinters wp to match your comp, so did frosted, quit being so emotional and greedy. =) one love.

Sat, Apr 27th at 03:20pm (15 years ago)

Dude victor ur dtop sux ,,,,,

Sat, Apr 27th at 06:46pm (15 years ago)
chip1270 says:

sexy and real

Sun, Apr 28th at 02:54pm (15 years ago)

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Created by FrostedFlames
on April 26th, 2002


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