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Artist's Note

This is my current desktop. It's not much. I've just been screenshot crazy the past few weeks. I figured I'd post one because it couldn't be more boring than some of those things that have been posted.

I've got several of these from various window managers at my site:



nice pic...but it's too busy for a wp. The microgui theme just doesn't work, and the gtk+ theme just doesn't do it.

Sat, Apr 13th at 11:23am (15 years ago)

I think you're right, darksheer. At the time, I couldn't find a suitable Sawfish theme. Since then, I've changed it from microGUI to iron. It's fits in a little better with the Myst background.

I've changed the gtk theme to CDE, which is kind of a light grey (I think). I'm colorblind, so the gtk theme didn't look too terrible to me. I think it looks better now.

I just too lazy to redo the screenshot. By the way, I like it busy. It's handy that way.

Sat, Apr 13th at 07:12am (15 years ago)

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Created by Kid Shenck
on April 13th, 2002


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