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messing around with transparency effects...i think it looks okay..might have over done it though...credits are on the SS like always..that chick btw is from crouching tiger hidden dragon & rush hour 2 =)

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nice. very nice. oh, and the desktop too. =) too bad she barely speaks any english.

Wed, Mar 20th at 05:14am (15 years ago)
Lum142 says:

Too much white =X

Mon, Mar 18th at 06:22pm (15 years ago)
icyxwind says:

i like it

Mon, Mar 18th at 08:12pm (15 years ago)

me likes... alots....

Mon, Mar 18th at 09:07pm (15 years ago)

yea i like it..its nice
but all wp has a a light brown feel and everthing else is silver well transparent silver (nice) but maybe you could match you r colors up to the background a little better

Tue, Mar 19th at 08:48am (15 years ago)

wow man i love it the angle of the wallpaper and the boxes give it a feeling your sitting in a corner or something

very nice

Tue, Mar 19th at 03:58pm (15 years ago)
gear says:

It's pretty boring man, too mach trans. I couldn't stand to use it for more than a few minutes.

Sat, Apr 6th at 12:49am (15 years ago)

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Created by zerohq
on March 18th, 2002


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