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I know it isn't very customized.. But JW what everyone thinks

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squiz says:

cool beans ;]

Wed, Mar 13th at 11:42pm (15 years ago)


Thu, Mar 14th at 02:38am (15 years ago)
Koga says:

are those items avaliable? WP - Winamp - icons?

Thu, Mar 14th at 02:47am (15 years ago)
Digiworx says:

what font are you using? the icons rock..

Thu, Mar 14th at 04:25am (15 years ago)
Sephiros says:

Nice theme :) Think about giving links though :) I've searched a bit for the wp (Google forever ! :) >> >> Error 489 >> Desktop 10. For the skin you can see it's Razor Amp os it musn't be hard to find.. :) For icons and wb skin I don't know where to search :)

Thu, Mar 14th at 05:09am (15 years ago)

NICE. BTW this has been pissing me off... what is that little font that everyone uses and its in CAPS... I NEED IT!!!

Thu, Mar 14th at 04:51pm (15 years ago)
philtr says:

Nice.... The I believe the font you're looking for is "Silkscreen" by Jason Kottke.

Thu, Mar 14th at 05:08pm (15 years ago)
Dejv says:

I love it, everything rox except the winamp skin

Thu, Mar 14th at 05:17pm (15 years ago)
HipHop says:

I haven't been online for a while, but I guess I'll give the links out.

You can find the wp from the link Sephiros gave, and you can find the font, "Silkscreen" from the link philtr gave. As for the icons, they're a variety of different themes found off of LineStudio

I changed the taskbar by using 3d Color changer 3000, which you can find by searching on google. And you can find the winamp skin from:

Thu, Mar 14th at 09:01pm (15 years ago)
atone says:

very nice, can you give your color scheme from 3d color scheme, i cannot figure how to make the icons have no color like yours ;].

how do you change the icons for drives c d and e?

Sat, Nov 30th at 12:01pm (15 years ago)

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Created by HipHop
on March 13th, 2002


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