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Artist's Note

Gilla is based on some characters made by The Designers Republic for Pop Will Eat Itself. PWEI is a great (often unknown) band that we love to try and push on people. :)

To learn more about PWEI run, dont walk to:

Comments (11)


might be bright for some, but its still really cool.

Thu, Feb 28th at 06:49pm (15 years ago)
num says:

Its very different and I like it! Albeit a whole lotta green :P

Wed, Feb 27th at 08:45pm (15 years ago)
fedrlpunk says:

i think you did a great job... although im not sure i could keep it on my comp for long periods of time i love it...

Thu, Feb 28th at 12:11am (15 years ago)
zerohq says:

looks tite..but i think that shade of green is goin to kill my eyes after a while

Thu, Feb 28th at 01:25pm (15 years ago)
ether says:

awesome colors! but yieah, i think i too would go blind after a while with that green. :)

Thu, Feb 28th at 01:41pm (15 years ago)
FiZzY69 says:

OW!!! MY EYES!! looks kinda like dhiaria .. og weel


Thu, Feb 28th at 03:37pm (15 years ago)

I downloaded this yesterday from ruinedinc.com. Its a pretty cool suite, but I think your other PWEI suite is a little better. But keep them coming, cuz you do great work.

Thu, Feb 28th at 08:19pm (15 years ago)
ruinedinc says:

Because of the color we never thought that this would be featured anywhere. But apparently there are a few open minds here at custo :)

Thank you.

Fri, Mar 1st at 07:13am (15 years ago)
[morph] says:

Damn! Cant dig the color, but aside from that its very nice. Thats must my opinion though. I love the style and that purple gorrilla. :) Very nice job on this suite.

Fri, Mar 1st at 07:29am (15 years ago)
L3VI says:

gilla is god

Fri, Oct 18th at 11:35pm (15 years ago)
soivu says:


Tue, Dec 14th at 11:58am (13 years ago)

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Created by ruinedinc
on February 27th, 2002


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