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Just a simple and clear themed desktop, using Xp, windowblinds, iconpackager, quicknotes, winamp and a very good wallpapper. Contact me for skins/themes names.

Comments (6)

j says:

awesome, really like the setup. icons don't match but they work. simple and clear is goood.

Sat, Feb 16th at 07:54pm (15 years ago)
darksheer says:

The windowblinds and background go really well together...the icons need some work though. But, I like the blueish-grey color....so I'm really partial to this one. :)

Sat, Feb 16th at 09:30pm (15 years ago)
SmakHappy says:

do urself a favor and get some better icons

Sat, Feb 16th at 10:37pm (15 years ago)

Thanks for the reviews...but... do you have any sugestions of wich icons i should use? I don't have a clue.

Sun, Feb 17th at 06:29am (15 years ago)
DjBza says:

dude....wehre did you get the icons..the wp...the windows blind theme and the winamp skin??

Sun, Feb 17th at 09:10am (15 years ago)
U_S_A says:

Id like to know where the icon package and wp came from myself.

Sun, Feb 17th at 12:22pm (15 years ago)

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Created by BlackLotus
on February 16th, 2002


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