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Purrrrrrrty. =)

Thu, Feb 14th at 09:26pm (15 years ago)
brandw says:

that looks pretty damn cool. Except the clock

Tue, Feb 12th at 07:05pm (15 years ago)
K y 0 z says:

i like. must agree with brandw tho the clock is huge.

Tue, Feb 12th at 11:31pm (15 years ago)
flangegod says:

so... you stole my idea with the wallpaper? I don't care if you did, but the similarities doesn't look like a coincidence.

Wed, Feb 13th at 01:01am (15 years ago)
yankee says:

no, i didnt, cause i never saw your ss in the 1st place, so dont get all butt hurt. i do it to alot of sites

Wed, Feb 13th at 01:09am (15 years ago)
fedrlpunk says:

ok... ive never seen one style be overdone so quickly as all this media monks shit... i agree it looks super clean but im seeing like three screen shots with the exact same shit on them all on one page... not to mention the programs in use... oh and i almost left out the screenshot that started it all

Wed, Feb 13th at 01:53am (15 years ago)
madhero says:

i agree mediaMonk is overCooked

Wed, Feb 13th at 02:52am (15 years ago)

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Created by yankee
on February 12th, 2002


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