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Artist's Note

It seems it doesnt appear to be on here anymore. so i added a little (it was said the taskbar was plain; it still is ;) )
as before, wp available by me, the skin is probe by kinwashi, colours changed by the inbuilt colour changer. and that is it.

Comments (6)


nothing much. You can do better work than that in orange, you know :P

Sat, Jan 12th at 12:56pm (15 years ago)


If you read the forum, you would've noticed that Adam removed all the screenshots XD

Thu, Jan 10th at 12:20pm (15 years ago)
Vigilent says:

Hmmm how u make your taskbar and start-menu transparent???

Nice Screen anyway!!

Thu, Jan 10th at 01:07pm (15 years ago)
dephunked says:

that would explain it ;) thanks cygnusfear

Thu, Jan 10th at 01:21pm (15 years ago)
skyliner says:

Very clean and very simple :-)

Thu, Jan 10th at 03:00pm (15 years ago)
boogieman says:

De! The taskbar! It's still plain! But it's transparent, and just like before, it's oh so sexy.

Thu, Jan 10th at 07:00pm (15 years ago)

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Created by dephunked
on January 10th, 2002


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