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Artist's Note

My Recoil LS theme that I'm currently working on. Custom winamp skin also by me. I've got a few more bugs to iron out and I have to get premission to use the wp before I release. Comments?

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rollover geekamp? very nice. snazzy popups with matching winamp? even nicer. spending xmas break souping every box i can get my hands on? priceless

Mon, Dec 24th at 11:55pm (16 years ago)

I can't find anything I don't like about this. Kickass job. I can't wait till the ls theme is done.

Mon, Dec 24th at 10:19pm (16 years ago)

dragons be here. the nicest screenshot i think ive ever seen.

Mon, Dec 24th at 10:26pm (16 years ago)
honz12 says:

Yeah, some real nice work going on here. Love the subtle use of the yellow colour, and the popups are neat.

Mon, Dec 24th at 11:08pm (16 years ago)
echo.2k says:

i love the colors, and very nice graphics :)

Mon, Dec 24th at 11:50pm (16 years ago)

this kicks major ass. superb dark metallic feel, looks pretty easy to use too. gotta be among the top 3 LS themes this year -- if you manage to release it before dec 31st.

Tue, Dec 25th at 02:06am (16 years ago)
SmakHappy says:

I honestly got chills looking at this...if you made all this yourself, pat urself on the back...1 thing...whats with all the music controls?

Thu, Jan 24th at 10:02pm (16 years ago)
zepner2k says:

great design..where'd you get that winamp skin?

Sun, Feb 24th at 12:08pm (15 years ago)
seeya says:

seems good :) :D ;)
once you have finish, you might want to upload them to the web. for others to download .. :)

Sat, Aug 3rd at 07:53am (15 years ago)
: says:

Great bar at the bottom, nice windows, nice menus. Can't wait till its out! (If it isnt alrdy)

Thu, Aug 15th at 12:29pm (15 years ago)
Lucifix says:

wow, that one is realy cool. Can anyone send me link to this e-mail , couse i cant find this theme anywhere.

Fri, Sep 27th at 03:50pm (15 years ago)
antlhony says:

when and where can i get this theme?

Thu, May 22nd at 09:46pm (14 years ago)
locoto says:


Sun, Dec 24th at 04:20pm (11 years ago)

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Created by Novocaine
on December 24th, 2001


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