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Artist's Note

Yes, another aqua desk. I'm using (belive it or not) the Dark Aqua skin for WB 3, with Atomic Bubble as WP, and Acier as my winamp skin. I know the purple on the winamp really dosnt match anything, but it's all I could find.

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nice, i'll run it as the daily for the night

Fri, Dec 21st at 08:04am (16 years ago)
boogieman says:

whoa, the screeny came off with a weird tint to it, its not that purple

Thu, Dec 20th at 10:31pm (16 years ago)
mike_ock1 says:

I think it looks great....

I like all of the modifications.

Thu, Dec 20th at 10:34pm (16 years ago)
UnderGoed says:

Hey mojomonkee, I think it's the "screenshot" section here, and I think that the purpose here, is to post the best combinations of skins as a screenshot... Now if you think it's not that way here, just go somewhere else, have respect for this guy, what he did is a really good combination of skins, and to me it seems verrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice :)

Fri, Dec 21st at 07:25am (16 years ago)
XenoMorph says:

Fantastic wallpaper!!!
Where can I get it?

Sat, Dec 22nd at 01:14pm (16 years ago)

holy shit does this ever suck ass

Mon, Apr 8th at 12:16am (15 years ago)

Looks really good. the only ass sucking being done here is from extremekaos to his boyfriend vamp.

Mon, Apr 8th at 05:18pm (15 years ago)
Deeity says:

Those icons are very ugly but I like your wallpaper a lot, it's real cool. I also like your winamp skin, it's pretty cool.

Tue, Jul 2nd at 07:54pm (15 years ago)
Rigan says:

Your Mama flashback.
Boogieman rocks, so blow it out your ass. :P

Sun, Feb 16th at 05:34pm (14 years ago)

thank you!

Mon, Aug 28th at 04:00am (11 years ago)

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Created by boogieman
on December 20th, 2001


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